Rabiea P9
Rabiea P9
A Rabiea P9 in Shattered.
Vehicle class Civilian car
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 100
Spawns in Feldis, Zenwood
Rarity Fairly common
Appears in Shattered

The Rabiea P9 is an SUV in Shattered.


The Rabiea P9 exhibits an overall German-influenced styling reminiscent of a 2003-2009 BMW X3 (or first-gen E53 BMW X5 in the rear) reinforced by the 4.8i badging seen on the sides just ahead of the front doors, a reference to the familiar BMW badging typically seen on the side of their crossover SUVs.

However the fact that the car is RWD-based makes it more closely resemble the Mercedes-Benz M-class. Also, due to the size of the vehicle, it may be considered that the Rabiea P9 is based on the BMW X1 (although the latter came out in real-life much later than the former). Its overall shape also resembles a SsangYong Kyron.


Contrary to many other cars in its class, the Rabiea P9 feels distinctively road-oriented, as opposed to being a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle. The lack of four-wheel drive results in the car feeling marginally less planted on the road (as well as offroad), a feel that is made increasingly apparent the faster you drive it.

The Rabiea P9 is not a big SUV and only sports rear wheel drive (similar to how the Mercedes-Benz M-Class has RWD models for the southern United States market). It does have a high ground clearance and short wheelbase. Coupled to the powerful V8 engine, the Rabiea P9 is a surprisingly good off-road vehicle, despite the lack of four wheel drive.

Although the Rabiea P9 is more compact than many of the other SUVs and pick-ups in the game, it is a very safe vehicle. The body stays intact and its deformation keeps forces away from the cabin during a crash and occupants are highly unlikely to be thrown from the vehicle. The Rabiea P9 can withstand a high amount of damage before the engine fails, making it a good getaway car. However, its high center of gravity makes more susceptible to roll-over accidents, which prevents it from gaining a 100% score in crash safety.


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