Elemental Propulsion Thrusters
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Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Used by James Derettas
Type Navigation
Mission gained Vanessa
Area gained Joey's rooftop
Cost Free
Upgradeable? No (Shattered)
Yes (Shattered 2)
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2
For the Light Manipulation variant, see Light Glide.

The Elemental Propulsion Thrusters, or EPT, is a power in Shattered and Shattered 2 that lets James Derettas glide through the air.


The EPT power allows James to project aura energy from his palms, so instead of just free-falling, he can descend slowly from the sky in a gliding fashion. This allows James to be propelled upward and forward. James gains the ability to "double jump" with the ability, as it pushes him upward before gliding. This also allows James to change direction more quickly.



This power is not upgradeable.

Shattered 2

There is one upgrade for the EPT.

  • Air Boost – Cost: 30 Tin – When the player launches the EPT, they will receive a slight boost in the air first, gaining more altitude. Unlocked after Bullet of Revenge is completed.


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