The DeAmbulation Auraxideno Collider, also known as the DAC and "the experiment", is the experiment Erik Baying activated, resulting in the BioLynk Incident and the creation of Aura Energy.


The DAC's real name was revealed in Erik's second audio log. Erik had been working on the DAC since 2009, with the thought of obtaining genetically-enhanced powers, or superpowers, in a sense. From 2009-2015 Erik worked on the DAC, with much trial and error, so much trial and error that the pain drove Erik insane.

The BioLynk IncidentEdit

When Erik brought the DAC to work that day in BioLynk, James Derettas noticed that it looked dangerous. James asked Erik if he was sure his experiment was safe, to which Erik replied:

"Yes it is!! See? I cross referenced all the possible vectors and they all lead to the same thing: success!"

All of a sudden Erik added another chemical to the experiment, and the table started to shake. James noticed and panicked and the DAC exploded in a fiery ball of aura energy. Within a millisecond of the explosion the aura energy was created and went inside both Erik and James, since they were both so close. The energy vaporized Erik's body but not James's, and James was the only survivor. However, James later learned that Erik had survived the blast.

In Shattered 2, it was revealed that James and Erik did not receive powers because of their close proximity to the detonation; rather, it was because they both possessed Type M blood. In fact, any person with Type M blood within a 1,000 meter radius of the blast received powers. Nicholas Monetti was one of these people, and he actually worked on the DAC with Erik for three years, before leaving the project.


In one of Erik's audio logs, he revealed the process to activate the DAC was: a drop of Ethylene Glycol, then after 13 seconds of mixing, 1.38 teaspoons of Potassium hydrogen tartrate, and then a beaker of Phenolphthalein.

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